The Challenging World Of “and …”

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The contemporary workplace is full of conflicting requirements which we, as professionals and leaders, are expected somehow to resolve. How do we succeed in the world of “and …”?

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Competing and Cooperating

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In business its important to know when to compete and when to cooperate. Poor outcomes are likely if we adopt the wrong strategy or if we cannot deploy well the strategy we have selected.

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Connected Leadership

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The Connected Leadership concept describes an approach where a leader, and their team, builds it’s performance potential by investing in the creation and maintenance of high quality connections with those who can affect the height their success.

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Negotiating or Connecting Skills

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Negotiation skills are valued highly in most organisations. How do these skills compare with connection skills?

Is there a useful way of deciding when the use of connections skills is likely to give better results than just negotiating skills?

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Unlocking Performance with Connection

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People succeed when they are resourceful. Resourcefulness arises in several ways but the most powerful source is through the support available to us from the connections we build with other people.

Do you have the skills to create and maintain useful connections in every situation where you might benefit from them?

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